I Hate My Job!

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I Hate My Job!

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I Hate My Job!

Lue ja kuuntele 14 pÀivÀÀ ilmaiseksi

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Hinta kokeilujakson jĂ€lkeen alkaen 9,99 €/kk. Lopeta tilaus milloin haluat.

Life’s too short for your work life to screw up your REAL life.

If your day job is making you feel like garbage, it’s time to gear up and get some new survival strategies. Stop letting your crappy day job mess with your mind!

Whether you’re a barista, a server, an administrative assistant, or a middle manager, this book is here to give you practical strategies to get through your crappy workday without stapling something to someone’s head.

In these quick-read chapters, you’ll get unexpected tips and tricks for:

‱ Harnessing the power of mantras without feeling like an idiot

‱ Creating pre- and post-work rituals that don't suck

‱ Zoning out at work without getting in trouble for it

‱ Stopping stress in its lame-ass tracks

Work doesn’t have to leave you feeling tired, stressed, and emotionally drained — even if you do hate your job.

No matter how crappy your day job is, you CAN re-claim your sanity during your workday, and rescue all those perfectly good days from being ruined by work-related stress.

Don’t wait.

You need an action-oriented, no-filler guide to making your life better, your workday more comfortable, and your stress levels more manageable — all without requiring any substantial life changes.

If you’re ready to stop letting your work suck the life out of you, scroll up and buy 'I HATE MY JOB!: How to be Happy at Work Even When Your Day Job Sucks.'

I Hate My Job! on saatavilla e-kirjana.

  • E-kirja

    Julkaistu : 2018-11-03

    Kieli: Englanti

    Kustantamo E-kirja: PublishDrive

    ISBN E-kirja: 6610000126521

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