Conscious by Nature

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Conscious by Nature

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Conscious by Nature

Lue ja kuuntele 14 pÀivÀÀ ilmaiseksi

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Conscious by Nature

Come on a journey into the nature of consciousness, finding the space 'between thoughts' as the most obvious place to recognize your true and eternal Self. We recognize overlooked aspects of the natural world around us; as ourselves, as well as using nature to demonstrate spiritual concepts such as God, union and liberation. Your true 'nature' awaits...

"No matter how it is approached, no amount of words will ever transmit to another person the indescribable 'ultimate Truth'. The fact that it's described as indescribable should be enough to stop us trying. Yet it's made even more difficult because of our troublesome human mind. As intelligent and magnificent as it is, it has a deep and tragic habit of confusing the symbols we use (for simple convenience) in our lives, for the actual things or ideas they represent. As Alan Watts used to say, it's like climbing a signpost rather than walking in the direction it points. Our greatest of misunderstandings is that we confuse the story and idea of who we are, with what is actually true; pure and simple. We make a false judgment on who or what we are, and you wouldn't believe the amount of mischief that arises in result.

As exaggerated or humorous as all this may sound on first impressions, this habit of confusing symbols for reality is a very real problem plaguing our human world, and the implications are exceptionally far reaching. We have confused such things as money for wealth, status or fame for character and even the virtual world for real - but most appropriate to this book, is that religious or spiritual concepts are always confused for the things they are pointing towards. That's particularly true of our concepts of 'God', particularly true of Buddha's Dharma, particularly true of any teaching towards enlightenment or liberation."
Oh father in heaven, omniscience cannot be. It makes no sense, no sense to me....

Between thoughts, your functioning remains flawless. Between thoughts you are ego-less, yet still exist...

How is it so that your heart beats without your control?
How do migrating birds travel without directions, newborn horses stand straight up and embryos form without instruction. How does a plant know how to flower and a seed mature into a tree?

Without thought or instruction, nature around you is already omniscient. Are you different from nature, or one and the same?
Young one, nature already exists in an omniscient state with no mind

Between thoughts, are you omniscient?
Mid-thought, do you believe you're not?"

Conscious by Nature on saatavilla e-kirjana.

  • E-kirja

    Julkaistu : 2018-11-13

    Kieli: Englanti

    Kustantamo E-kirja: Ashley William Craig

    ISBN E-kirja: 6610000125951

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